Greek Rush at CU

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Fraternities at the University of Colorado are going ahead with their fall recruitment drive, despite losing support from the school.

The 16 fraternities at C-U have said they want to help the school curb problem drinking -- but the groups are refusing to postpone the traditional fall semester rush until spring, saying it will cost them enrollment dues and wreck recruiting.

University officials say freshmen need that first semester to adjust to college before pledging a fraternity.

Sororities have agreed to defer fall rush until spring.

By refusing to cooperate with the school, fraternities will be denied the use of campus meeting rooms, playing fields and lists of incoming freshmen.

The university asked for the rush delay after a Chi Psi (KY'-SY') pledge died of alcohol poisoning last fall.

The school has boosted its alcohol education programs and toughened penalties for liquor violations. Liquor is off limits at rush events at Colorado and elsewhere under nationwide standards adopted last year by the North American Interfraternity Conference, which represents 48-hundred chapters at 800 campuses in the United States.