Katrina Update

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An ambulance official says the evacuation of the Superdome in New Orleans has been suspended because it's too dangerous.

The head of Acadian Ambulance, which is evacuating the sick and injured from the stadium, says the evacuation won't resume until security officials "gain control of the Superdome."

A National Guard official says thousands of people have rushed toward the dome to try to get on buses taking people from the stadium to the Astrodome in Texas.

The Acadian official says a medi-vac helicopter pilot reported an armed mob when he tried to land last night at a hospital in the city's outskirts. The pilot didn't land.

And the official says medics are calling for help, because they are scared of armed people outside the Superdome.

President Bush says there should be "zero-tolerance" for people breaking the law in hurricane-damaged areas.

He says that goes for looting, price-gouging, insurance fraud, taking advantage of charity or otherwise exploiting the situation. Bush says he's told law officials to pursue lawbreakers.

Bush tells A-B-C people need to "take personal responsibility" to keep the disaster from getting worse.

He says tens of thousands of National Guard members are being deployed to the region to help in the relief.

Other major developments in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

-- The first of nearly 25,000 refugees being sheltered at the Superdome in New Orleans arrive at Houston's Astrodome, where they will stay until floodwaters recede. One "renegade" bus showed up with other refugees from New Orleans.

-- Officials start evacuating 10,000 people -- patients, staff and refugees -- out of nine hospitals in the New Orleans area without power, using generators that are running low on fuel, or battling floodwaters.

-- Tenet Healthcare Corp. asks Louisiana State Police and the U.S. Coast Guard to help evacuate one of its fully functioning hospitals after a supply truck carrying food, water, medical supplies was held up by gunmen.

-- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin orders 1,500 police to leave their search-and-rescue missions and return to the streets to stop looting. He says looters would be arrested and jailed.

-- The Red Cross says it has collected $21 million, nearly $15 million of that from individual donations through its Web site. Some people offer up their homes as temporary shelters, listing information on the Internet.

-- In Washington, the Bush administration is working to put a price tag on the government's share of the recovery effort, which Bush will submit in an emergency budget request to Congress in the days ahead.

-- Bush says the government has sent 5.4 million precooked meals, 13.4 million liters of water, more than 1,000 search and rescue personnel and the floating hospital ship USNS Comfort to the Gulf Coast.

-- Rubber and timber shipments set to dock in New Orleans will unload at the Port of Houston Thursday -- the first of many rerouted cargo shipments the port may receive.

-- Wynton Marsalis, Usher, John Mellencamp and Green Day say they will participate in a Hurricane Katrina telethons to raise funds for the American Red Cross and other organizations. Jerry Lewis' annual Labor Day fundraiser will join in as well.