Pinon Canyon Expansion Debate Heats Up

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In a meeting Thursday, Pueblo County Commissioners agreed to press the Colorado Congressional Delegation on the issue of expanding the Pinon Canyon maneuvering site.

Opponents of the Army's expansion plan gathered at the meeting to voice their concerns.

"This is the most important thing that we've ever done in our lives," says Mack Louden, fourth-generation rancher.

Louden is fighting to preserve the generations of family ranches in the area proposed for army expansion.

"We want to hold our heritage, we want to hold the things that we value," says Louden.

The anticipated expansion could include precious sites that, in these ranchers' eyes, are priceless.

In a written statement, Lt. Col. Jim Rice of Fort Carson, says:

"We will continue to look for more amiable solutions to mitigate the concerns of residents living near the PCMS whom could be potentially impacted by a proposed expansion. This is also a time to open lines of communication with the general public to provide information and receive public request for information."