Hurricane Emily

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A massive evacuation of tourists is under way in Mexico, as Hurricane Emily takes aim at Cancun and other resorts along the Yucatan peninsula.

About 500 buses have been ordered to move 30,000 tourists out of Cancun alone. As many as 80,000 mostly foreign visitors could be evacuated across the region.

It was drizzling early Sunday in Cancun as hundreds of tourists waited at curbs, clutching pillows, to be loaded aboard buses.

Emily, now a Category Four storm, is expected to hit late Sunday night or early Monday. Forecasters say Emily is the strongest storm to form this early in the Atlantic season since record-keeping began.

Tourists are being sheltered in convention centers and ballrooms. The head of the Cancun Hotel Association says the food and lodging will be on the house. As he put it, "It would be inhuman to charge them."