Alamosa Families Coping Without Tap Water

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Marlene Gomez prepared dinner for her family of six, as she does every evening.

But Tuesday's main ingredient will be several bottles of water, instead of the more convenient tap.

"You go through five to six gallons of water a day just cooking," says Gomez.

That doesn't include bathing, washing clothes or dishes. So a strategy for basic needs is in place.

"Tomorrow we'll start cooking on our barbecuer so we don't have to use water," says Gomez.

But that's not enough. The unusable chlorinated water is tapping this retired couple's resources.

"About $80 in water and about $20 in paper plates."

With schools canceled in Alamosa, their two grandkids are helping them gather larger amounts of water.

"With the big gallons of water we're gonna warm them in containers. And instead of taking showers we'll take baths."

Marlene says she is trying to stay positive as she prays the end is near to this water disaster.