State Of Emergency Declared In Alamosa County

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Colorado officials have declared a State of Emergency due to the contamination of the public water supply in Alamosa County.

Alamosa area residents and visitors are advised to immediately stop using tap water from the city's water system for drinking and cooking and to begin using bottled water until further notice.

Officials say they have a plan.

"Right now they plan on having a flush of the water system," says Connie Ricci, Public Information Officer.

That will likely begin next week.

As officials flush and disinfect the entire city water system, residents can go to four water distribution centers throughout town to get clean water.

"There will be no restrictions on water if you bring your own receptacle, if you do not, you will be allowed a gallon per person per day," says Ricci.

It could take up to three weeks to completely clean the water system.

Three-hundred thousand dollars from the Disaster Emergency Fund will help pay for the response effort related to this disaster.