Record High Gas Prices

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Gas prices have hit another record in Colorado, with regular unleaded costing an average of $2.45 cents a gallon.

That's 13 cents higher than last Wednesday's record-setting price and 55 cents above the average price here a year ago.

Nationally Triple-A says the average cost for regular unleaded is $2.48.

Another national survey shows that the average price for all three grades shot up 20 cents per gallon during the last three weeks -- to $2.53.

Triple-A spokeswoman Mary Greer says Colorado is in the middle of its third-record setting period this year.

Gas prices usually drop about 30 percent after Labor Day and she says hopefully motorists will see some relief then.

Around Colorado, average prices vary from $2.37 in Denver and the Boulder-Longmont area to in Aspen $2.92.

In Akron, gas was selling for an average of $2.43.

The figures are based on credit card gas sales tracked by Triple-A at gas stations on Friday.

Today's sales won't be reported until tomorrow so it's possible the average could rise again