Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty Again

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A 36-year-old serial rapist facing a millennium in prison is admitting to even more crimes -- and drawing an additional 190 years to life.

Brent J. Brents pleaded guilty in an Arapahoe County courtroom Friday to six counts stemming from the robbery and sexual assault of an Aurora woman, and the molestation of a young boy.

Brents' attorney says his client pleaded guilty because he knew he'd never be freed, and wanted to spare his victims any more trauma.

The mother of the now-nine-year-old boy spoke in court, saying she hoped Brents would have a long life to spend behind bars.

A Denver judge sentenced Brents on Wednesday to more than 1,300 years for his guilty pleas to 68 felony counts.

His total sentence now equals 1,509 years

The Arapahoe County charges to which Brents pleaded guilty include sexual assault on a child, sexual assault on a child by person in position of trust, and being a habitual sexual offender -- in addition to sexual assault, burglary and robbery.

Arapahoe County prosecutor John Hower says the victims are satisfied with Brents' sentence.