Charges Dropped in G.P.S. Stalking Case

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Prosecutors have dropped all charges against a Colorado Springs man who had been accused of using satellite technology to stalk his wife.

Michael Carlson was arrested on February eleventh and briefly jailed on a thousand dollar bond on suspicion of stalking, harassment and false imprisonment. Police had said Carlson's wife told them he planted a G.P.S. device in her car to track her movements.

The El Paso County district attorney's office dropped the felony stalking charge eleven days later. Prosecutors then filed misdemeanor domestic violence charges, which were later dismissed at the request of Carlson's wife.

Carlson says his wife had given him permission to install the G.P.S. device because the couple had been having marital problems and was working to rebuild trust.

Sergeant Tim Stankey says he believes it was the first arrest in the area for stalking with a G.P.S. device.