Group Withdraws Roberts Support

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A conservative group in Virginia is withdrawing its support for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' confirmation because of his work helping overturn a Colorado referendum on gays.
The stance announced Wednesday by Public Advocate of the United States strays from other conservative groups that have endorsed Roberts.
The group describes itself as a pro-family organization. Group president, Eugene Delgaudio says he hopes his stance will prod others to not endorse Roberts as well.
Delgaudio says the group won't take its limited resources and put it toward a candidate who isn't a strict constructionist.
The Colorado gay rights case involved Amendment Two, a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 1992 that would have barred laws protecting gays from discrimination.
Gay rights groups sued, and the U-S Supreme Court declared the measure unconstitutional in 1996.
Roberts' role in the case included helping develop a strategy and firing tough questions during a mock court session at Jean Dubofsky, a former Colorado Supreme Court justice who argued the case on behalf of the gay rights plaintiffs.