More Evidence in Deadly Hit and Run

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Police in Pueblo have new evidence in a deadly hit and run accident. It happened Sunday evening on Pueblo's south side. A man was hit and dragged for several yards. The driver never stopped.

Pueblo police now believe the hit and run driver tried to hide evidence by washing his or her car after the accident.

The victim is 59-year-old Benito Roque. He was a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Witnesses say Roque was hit on Mesa Avenue on Sunday evening. He was dragged for half a block. The driver fled the scene.

Sometime after the accident, police say the hit and run driver may have gone to the National Pride Car Wash on Pueblo's east side. Someone else who used it Monday morning found human tissue in one of the bays, and called police. "We were notified. We checked the bay and it appeared there was human tissue."

Police believe the driver went to the car wash between Sunday night and Monday morning to get rid of evidence. They're hoping a witness may have seen something.
"Well, it's terribly frustrating for us to have someone out there driving who killed somebody. We sure would like to contact that person and see that justice is done in this case."

The family of Roque wants justice too. They're hoping the driver will come forward.

Pueblo Police are looking for a 4-door Mercury Topaz or a Ford Tempo. It's a 90's model, gray with black molding on the side. If you have any information on this case, call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.