Chaplain Heads to Congress

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The discussion of the religious climate at the Air Force Academy continues in Washington.

Captain MeLinda Morton will give a written statement to a House panel about what she says is a pervasive problem of religious intolerance at the academy.

Morton resigned last week after 13 years in the Air Force after she said she was fired from her chaplaincy and a transfer to Japan was hastened because she spoke out.

She says she wasn't asked to testify before the House Armed Services subcommittee on religion at the academy and paid for her own flight from Colorado to publicize her concerns.

Morton also will meet with House members and appear at a news conference.

A report released last week into claims that evangelical Christians harassed cadets of other faiths found religious "insensitivity" but not overt discrimination at the school near Colorado Springs. The House panel will hear from the report's author and others involved in the discussions of religion at the academy.