Pinon Canyon Land Expansion

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A possible solution to the debate over the expansion of Pinon Canyon.

There's word that the Army has been approached by willing sellers who can offer as much as 100-thousand acres.

However, Commissioners say those sellers have yet to come forward publicly.

Las Animas County Commissioners Jim Montoya and Gary Hill were shocked when they got word there might be a willing seller or sellers of land for the expansion of the Pinon Canyon training site.

Shocked because no land owners have come out locally and said they are willing to sell their land to the Army.

"Its not like we're trying to stop a willing seller, we just don't believe there are willing sellers," says Montoya.

Commissioner Hill says the Army has been claiming for a long time they have willing sellers to accomplish the expansion, and doesn't believe their claim.

Hill and Montoya say they also find it hard to believe the army is willing to scale back its expansion plans to only 100-thousand acres.

The army says it wants to expand Pinon Canyon by more than 400 thousand acres. But the debate has been postponed until the end of the year.