Christmas Far From Home

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Not everyone is lucky enough to be home for Christmas. Sick children and their families often have to be far from home to get the medical care they need. But they say they do it for the love of their children.

Near Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, sits an extraordinary house--- one that love built. The Ronald McDonald House has been open for 16 years. The families of seriously ill children can stay here while the little ones are treated.

Premature babies are often temporary residents here. The only other neonatal nursery in Colorado is in Denver, so they serve half the state.

"She's doing very well we're hoping to get to go home by the middle of January, beginning of February." Len King has been here ever since her daughter, Crystal, was born premature two months ago. "I came here as soon as I was discharged from the hospital so I could be closer to her. It's been wonderful, right across the street."

But Christmas serves as a reminder of home, which in King's case, is in Glenwood Springs. "It's real difficult because this is our first Christmas and we're not going to be together."

This Christmas, Ronald McDonald House staff and volunteers will do all they can to make this the next best thing to home. "We'll have plenty of food. We'll have plenty of things for them to do, and if there's football, we'll have football on and the usual things you'd do at home," says house manager Lyn Hale.

If you'd like to make a donation or volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house, you can call them at 471-1814.