Former Cadet's Trial

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Pretrial hearings have begun in the case of an Air Force officer charged with raping a fellow cadet at the Air Force Academy.

But the trial at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas could be delayed by a legal dispute over access to rape counselor Jennifer Bier's records.

Bier has been threatened with arrest for refusing to hand over records of her sessions with Jessica Brakey, one of the women accusing First Lieutenant Joseph Harding. Bier's attorneys say she won't give up the records, which she considers confidential.

One of Harding's lawyers has filed a motion asking Air Force judge David Brash to stop the proceedings until Bier's records are made available.

After hearings on several motions, jury selection would begin in the case of Harding, who is accused of sexually assaulting two female cadets at the academy near Colorado Springs in 1999 and 2000. He graduated from the academy in 2002.