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A new expected development in the Jennifer Bier story.

Bier is the Colorado Springs therapist who's refusing to hand over confidential records to the Air Force. She's been waiting to be arrested for not doing it.

Tuesday, three military men arrived at Bier's office, but left without making an arrest and without the subpoenaed records. Bier’s attorney, Wendy Murphy, says two of the military policemen showed Bier the arrest warrant and asked for her records. She said no and the men marched out the door.

Bier's attorney believes the threat of arrest was ultimately just an intimidation tactic, and that the Air Force was bluffing in hopes Bier would turn over the records relating to a cadet who says she was raped by a fellow cadet. The Air Force wanted the records for that former cadet's court martial, which is getting underway Wednesday in San Antonio.