Former Cadet Cleared of Wrongdoing in Farewell Email

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The former cadet wing commander at the Air Force Academy was cleared Tuesday of any wrongdoing in his farewell e-mail to cadets that included quotes from the Bible.

The school says the newly graduated cadet, Second Lieutenant Nicholas Jurewicz, acted within the authority of his position as cadet wing commander. The school says he violated NO military or academy policies that ban the use of official e-mails for personal messages.

The academy has been under investigation because of complaints that evangelical Christians have harassed cadets who don't share their faith.

Cadets have been required to attend religious tolerance seminars.

Jurewicz's e-mail was sent on the eve of his graduation to about 3,000 cadets. The e-mail included a 22-page attachment of about 300 leadership and character-related quotations, including some Biblical verses.

Among the Biblical quotes was "Bear one another's burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ," which sparked objections from some cadets.

The academy said Jurewicz did not try to convince any of the recipients of the intrinsic value of any quote and made it clear that no cadet was required to read the e-mail.

The e-mail also included quotes from Buddha, Confucius, poets, authors, presidents and military leaders, among others.