Pueblo West Vandalism

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Dozens of cars and trucks in Pueblo West have been vandalized since Wednesday night. The sheriff's office suspects a group of people has been shooting at windows with a pellet gun.

So far, no one has been hurt, but the damage is adding up. More than 90 cars and trucks have been hit within a 40-hour period. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Department is taking it seriously.

Cars in driveways -- trucks parked along the street --- anything's a target. Even a patrol car and a couple of house windows have been hit. The shooting is done at night. Most car owners don't find their broken windows until the next day. "When I closed my door, the back window just collapsed. It kind of scared me," said one resident.

The Sheriff's Department suspects more than one person is responsible for this crime spree. It could be a group of teenagers who think breaking windows is a prank. But none of the victims think it's funny. "I sure hope that they catch them, and the law takes care of it."

Extra deputies are now assigned to this case. Anyone with information should call the Pueblo County Sheriff's Department at 583-6250. You can also call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP.