Extradition Issues

Raul Garcia-Gomez
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Now that the suspect in the killing of a Denver police officer is in custody in Mexico, Denver authorities are considering their options in what is likely to be a difficult extradition process.

Raul Garcia-Gomez was arrested over the weekend after a massive international manhunt. He's suspected of killing Detective Donnie Young and wounding Detective Jack Bishop in an ambush at a party in Denver where the officers were serving as off-duty security guards.

New Mexico State University Mexican history professor Louis Sadler says it would be very unusual for the Mexican government to turn over a suspect who is facing the death penalty. And Denver prosecutors say even the prospect of a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole could create problems for extraditing Garcia-Gomez.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey says his staff has been working with the U-S State Department on extradition, and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says he's ready to help.

If extradition becomes impossible, authorities can seek to have Garcia-Gomez tried in Mexico. Such trials have resulted in five convictions of suspects in Colorado crimes in the past four years.