Springs Water Problems Fixed

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Colorado Springs Utilities has now lfted the "no outside watering" request that was issued Thursday evening. A valve failure on a 42-inch water main at Meadowland and Academy caused the problem, but it was fixed about 1:30am Friday.

This means the Stage II water restrictions now back in effect. After the break was discovered, CSU had asked customers to refrain from watering lawns until 7pm Friday.

This is a main transmission line for the city water system. Water was shooting at least five feet into the air shortly after the break was discovered.

CSU says they lost about 290,000 gallons of water during the break, but they had estimated the lost at much more-- 1,000,000 gallons. To put it in perspective, CSU says Colorado Springs customers use "millions and millions" of gallons of water every day.

Because of the break, southbound Academy traffic is reduced to two lanes until the repairs can be made.