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Additional information is now available regarding the shooting deaths last night at 2515 Ember Dr. The autopsies are being conducted and initial results may be available tomorrow.

According to what has been determined through the investigation at this point, Larry Francis, a 40-year-old black male who resided at 2519 Ember Dr. at one time lived with Roberta Arenas, a 48-year-old Hispanic female at 2515 Ember Dr. for approximately six months. That relationship ended about a year ago and he moved back into his parents home next door. The two did maintain some contact with each other throughout.

Approximately six months ago, Don Pharr, a 42-year-old black male moved into the residence with Roberta Arenas and just recently Helen Jackson, a 48-year-old female moved in with them on a temporary basis. In addition, Roberta's 18-year-old son lived at the residence.

Last night, shortly after 7:30 p.m. Larry Francis went next door to 2515 Ember Dr. armed with a .38cal revolver. There are no signs of forced entry so at this stage it is possible that he was let in the residence. In a back bedroom of the residence he did shoot and kill both Roberta Arenas and Don Pharr. Indications are that at one point he did struggle with Helen Jackson over the gun and it during this struggle that she may have been injured by a gun shot. At one point, Larry did also point the gun at Roberta's son, however he did not shoot.

Larry exited the residence and went to the east to the space between Roberta's house and his house. It appears at this location he reloaded the revolver then shot himself in the head. He also died as a result of this injury.

This case is being investigated as a murder/suicide pending the official determination by the El Paso County Coroner. These deaths mark the 23rd and 24th homicides in the city this year.

This is the third murder/suicide in Colorado Springs this year. Ten people have died in Colorado Springs due to domestic violence. This would include seven victims and three suspects.