Republicans Hoping Sen. Salazar Stays Out of Governor's Race

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Both Republicans and Democrats have some tough choices to make about next year's election.

With no heir apparent to a lame-duck Republican governor, the state GOP is trying to decide if it's worth the risk of losing a seat in Congress by nominating U.S. Representative Bob Beauprez to seek the governor's mansion next year.

They also worry about a doomsday scenario that would allow Senator Ken Salazar to run for governor.

Salazar is the only Democrat to win a statewide race in years and he would be able he appoint his successor if he won. He's never ruled out running for the state's top job.

Right now Republicans have no strong candidates to replace Beauprez if he runs for governor. And Salazar would anger a lot of supporters if he gave up his Senate seat after only two years to become governor.