Buffalo Report Out

Colorado Springs Police have released a report on the Buffalo shootings earlier this month.
Police Chief Lou Velez says officers would have rather recaptured the animals, but killing them was the best thing for public safety under the circumstances.
Five bison escaped during their transfer to the G and C packing plant and ended up roaming through Old Colorado City.
The police report concludes officers responded to the animals when the bison became aggressive and officers fired upon them. The report concludes the officers used the best weapons they had available to them at the time.
A police spokesperson says the Department has learned a great deal from the incident. "We're looking at ways we can handle these situations in future a lot better partnerships we're exploring with zoo and G&C and trying to get more info especially about big animals. Our officers don't have that type of training, the kind of weapons needed to put down a large animal... we've learned a great deal from this and will apply it to situations in the future," said Lt. Rafael Cintron.
11 News spoke with a representative from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, who says zoo personnel will be available to consult with police in the future.
Police say property owners whose property was damaged during the shootings will be compensated.