BRAC List Out

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Colorado could gain thousands of military personnel under a Pentagon plan to close bases and overhaul others across the country.

The Fort Carson Army post near Colorado Springs would add about 3,700 personnel with the Fourth Brigade Combat Team from Fort Hood, Texas. And the base is already preparing for this summer's arrival of some 3,700 troops from the Second Brigade Combat Team. That group has been based in South Korea.

Aurora's Air Reserve Personnel Center will be relocated to Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, affecting some 1,600 hundred jobs. Half will go to Texas and Georgia; the rest will be reassigned or replaced with civilians.

The consolidation of Defense Finance and Accounting Service functions will nearly make up that loss.

Colorado's other gainers were Peterson Air Force Bases, which could see 510 new jobs; Schriever Air Force Base with 95; and Buckley Air Force Base with 94.

Senator Wayne Allard says Colorado has 30,000 to 50,000 military jobs, but the exact number and their locations are classified.