Old Colorado City Fire

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A three-alarm fire brought half of the Colorado Springs Fire Department to historic Old Colorado City on Wednesday.

Firefighters believe the fire started around 9 a.m. in a candle store in the 2400 block of West Colorado Avenue. Firefighters said at least three shops were destroyed. Several others, including the Meadow Muffins restaurant and bar, are heavily damaged. So far, there is no speculation on what sparked the fire.

One firefighter was treated and released from Memorial Hospital for smoke inhalation. No other injuries are reported.

The smoke and flames were visible all over Colorado Springs. Many people spent the day standing on the sidewalks, just watching in disbelief as the fire spread through three historic buildings and several shops.

Firefighters say the age and condition of the buildings may have contributed to the severity of this fire. The buildings were built in the late 1800s. Since then, there have been many renovations. But it may be tough to prosecute anyone for past renovations done without a permit that could have contributed to this fire.

Another factor, because of the age of these buildings, firefighters said some of the stores did not have sprinkler systems.

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