Plane that Caused Evacuation Headed to Air Show

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Relatives and friends of the two men whose plane apparently caused Wednesday's evacuation in Washington say the plane was on its way to an air show in North Carolina.

The two were taken into custody and interviewed by authorities in Maryland, where the plane landed after a military escort.

The plane was registered to a Pennsylvania club, made up of people who fly from an airport in Lancaster County. A former club member says the plane was scheduled to be flown today by Jim Sheaffer and student pilot Troy Martin, who were supposed to take it to an air show in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Martin's wife confirms that the two men left late this morning for Lumberton. She says her husband was talking to her last night about the "no-fly zones" along the way -- and "how they were going to avoid them."

They apparently didn't do so. Officials say the plane came within three miles of the White House.