Smoking Ban Passes in Pueblo

Pueblo City Council has passed a smoking ban for the city in a 4-3 vote.

Bar owners in the city are outraged over the tough new ban, which will prohibit smoking in all public buildings; including bars, bowling alleys, and restaurants. When the city council first started looking at a smoking ban, it did not include bars but late last night at the council meeting, member amended the ordinance to include bars. Some owners say that's going to drive them out of business.

One bar owner, Russ Rollison, said most of the people coming into his bar do so to have a cigarette and a beer to relax after work. Another said the ban will nearly force him out of business. And, William Brooks said several customers have already told him, they will not drink at his bar anymore once the ban is enforced.

Restaurants, of course, are also affected by the smoking ban, but the general manager at the Cactus Flower said she thinks it's a good idea.

The new smoking ordinance will go into effect on Jan. 1.