Sorority Rush at CU

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The University of Colorado-Boulder has reached a stand-off with its fraternities.

The school wants the Greek organizations to put off the traditional fall recruitment known as rush until spring, but fraternity officials say that could end up costing them members.

The school is threatening to withhold lists of incoming freshmen, and says it won't let the Greeks use fields and classrooms -- as they have in the past -- until the agreements are signed.

Colorado's sororities have agreed to put off freshmen rush until spring. Spokeswoman Martha Brown of the National Panhellenic Conference says the women didn't like the restrictions -- but decided to work with the school and move on.

Brown says the sororities know they'll lose money.

The fraternities are also complaining about a school request to hire live-in advisers. They say some of the chapters can't afford it.

Sororities already have house mothers and house directors.