Cheney in Denver

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Vice President Dick Cheney is in downtown Denver this afternoon, as he visits Colorado for the first time since he and President Bush won a second term in office.

This time, Cheney is trying to help Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave win another term.

Republican Party officials have identified the Fort Morgan representative as one of the party's ten most vulnerable members of Congress nationwide.

Cheney will speak at a fund-raiser for Musgrave during a luncheon at the Oxford Hotel.

About 200 people signed up for the event, paying anywhere from 500 dollars to four-thousand dollars to get in.

The "vulnerable" list is designed to focus attention on candidates who may be in danger of losing their seats -- in order to help them raise money early.

People who paid two-thousand dollars will receive a "photo opportunity" with Cheney, while four-thousand secures a round-table discussion with the vice president.

Critics say Musgrave has gained a national profile by opposing gay marriage, at the expense of her constituents and issues they care about -- like jobs, health care and education.

The Vice-President will return to Colorado June 1st to deliver the commencement address at the Air Force Academy graduation.