CSAP Testing Error

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Parents and teachers are still fuming over a decision to throw out hundreds of CSAP test results from schools in colorado springs.
They say the system is too strict, and is unfairly punishing students.

At Coronado High School 434 CSAP math tests were thrown out.
That's the entire tenth grade. All because of one small mistake.
Now parents and teachers want to see changes to the csap system.

Kristin degenhart is a sophomore at Coronado High School. She says she is usually an "A" and "B" student, and she's confident she did well on the math portion of the CSAP.

But because of a miscommunication between two teachers at Coronado, her test will never be graded. Kristin says if she had scored well on the test she could have received class credit.

Here's what happened, 17 sophomores at Coronado took one portion of the math exam while the rest of the tenth graders took a different portion. Because the error wasn't caught until after the students talked to one another, all 434 tests were thrown out. That's 434 zeroes that will be averaged into the the school's final grade.

State Representative Michael Merrifield is pushing a bill that would address this types of problems.

Four D-11 schools experienced similar problems and will have to throw out at least a portion of their tests.

Merrifield says other districts have had similar problems and that demonstrates the