Fort Carson Prepares for More Troop Juggling

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Major General Robert Mixon has his hands full.

He's been in charge of Fort Carson for just six months and he's now facing an influx of troops and personnel that could swell Fort Carson to more than 22,000 people if the Pentagon's base overhaul plan is approved.

Currently, it has about 18,000 troops. Some 10,000 are now in Iraq.

Even before the Pentagon tabbed Fort Carson as the permanent home for two more combat brigades, Mixon regarded it as a prototype for the new Army boasting self-contained brigades of up to 4,000 troops.

He says the much larger divisions were cumbersome, more difficult to move and often larger than needed for the war on terrorism.

Mixon says the war on terrorism has caused every service branch to examine how they fight and are constructed.