New Developments In Crystola Murder Investigation

A man accused in the murders of a Crystola couple may have prevented the death of a child only moments earlier. Authorities say 20-year-old Michael Paprocki reportedly told his 16-year-old accomplice he wouldn't let him kill a kid. The two suspects appeared in an El Paso County courtroom yesterday on charges of first-degree murder, burglary, aggravated motor vehicle theft and second-degree arson. They're accused in the November Sixth murders of 39-year-old Stacy Dahl, and her husband, 47-year-old Gary Alflen. El Paso County sheriff's Commander Joe Breister testified that Paprocki and the teenager burglarized one home that night, then moved on to the next. He says they saw a child through the window when Paprocki told the teen -- quote -- ``whatever you do, you're not doing to do it to a kid.'' The pair allegedly moved on to a third home where Dahl and Alflen were killed.