Another Hoax

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The wife of a Fort Carson soldier deployed in Iraq says a man claiming to be a colonel called her to say that something happened to her husband -- but the call turned out to be a lie.

And Fort Carson officials say it's at least the second such hoax perpetrated on the spouses of soldiers, based at the post near Colorado Springs.

Travis Williams is serving with the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq. His wife, Ashley, says a man called her off-post home last Saturday to report her husband was involved in an "incident."

The man knew her address and said he was sending two men to talk to her.

Instead, she rushed to the base in search of answers, and learned her husband was safe.


In a separate case, three men in uniform visited the home of a woman to tell her that her husband had been killed in Iraq.

The men fled in a black sport-utility vehicle when she asked for identification.