Superslab Not Dead Yet

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Despite roadblocks erected by the Legislature, the developer of a proposed 210-mile toll highway along much of the Front Range said he still hopes to make the project work.

Developer Ray Wells' Wellington-to-Pueblo road, nicknamed "Super Slab," has encountered fierce opposition, and the state Senate and House are working on bills to impede it.

One bill would deny Wells' company eminent domain -- the ability to condemn and take over private land.

Wells said without that power he won't be able to build the road, but he doubts the Senate bill will pass.

Super Slab, officially called the Front Range Toll Road, would include a 660-foot-wide corridor for a superhighway and railroad tracks. It would also carry gas lines, electrical lines and information cable and would have a 1-mile conservation easement on either side to prevent congestion.

Wells envisions the corridor handling much of the truck and coal train traffic that now rumbles through Front Range cities from Fort Collins in the north to Pueblo on the south.