Iraq Weapons Dossier

Iraq's massive declaration detailing its chemical, biological and nuclear programs has arrived at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix was there to meet his staff, who brought the documents out of Baghdad in two black suitcases. Blix told reporters ''we will immediately take a look'' at the declaration. U.N. weapons experts will review the report to determine whether Iraq is complying with Security Council resolutions.

Two copies of the 12,000 page dossier were flown to New York from Frankfurt, Germany. The nuclear component of the declaration arrived earlier today in Vienna, Austria, where the International Atomic Energy Agency is based. The chemical, biological and missile components will be analyzed in New York.

Blix says he'll meet with the Security Council on Tuesday to update them on how long it will take to sift through the documents, translate them and remove sensitive material.

Several U.S. officials have expressed skepticism that the report is anything more than thousands of pages of lies, but, one Iraqi official says the report his nation is submitting is accurate, and he's challenging anyone who says otherwise to present the evidence.