Super Tuesday In Pueblo County

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In Pueblo County, party leaders say they're seeing a lot of voters more energized about this presidential race and Super Tuesday, than they've ever seen in the past.

It all began at 7 pm.

Hundreds of Republican voters piled into the Pueblo West Metro Board Room. The mood was one of excitement, with a bit of frustration because of the crowding.

It was standing room only, the seats that were available were filled up way before seven.

Everyone's reason for being there was the same: to have a say.

On the Democratic side, the same huge voter turnout was seen here in Pueblo County.

Hundreds of people were split into 26 precincts in the auditorium at Roncalli Middle School.

Chairmen of the precincts say they were thrilled that so many democrats came out to vote.

"In the past it seems like it was getting smaller and smaller. People weren't coming out like they used to. Grassroots wasn't there. Well today grassroots are back so that's kind of nice," says Phillip Sierra, voter.

One party leader told me there was confusion among some voters about when and where their caucuses were taking place.