Sen. Salazar Clarifies Focus Comments

Senator Ken Salazar referred to the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family as "the Antichrist" but now says he regrets using the term.

The Colorado Democrat used the term Tuesday in an interview with 11 News reporter Jeff Marcu.

Today, Salazar said he meant to say the group's attacks on him were "un-Christian."

Focus on the Family contends Salazar has reneged on a campaign promise to support up-or-down votes on President Bush's court nominees. Focus has targeted several Democrats for opposing a Republican plan to change filibuster rules to stop Democrats from blocking votes on the nominees.

Salazar says he is fighting to uphold longstanding rules that should not be changed simply for political gain.

Here is the full text of Salazar's statement:

“After being relentlessly attacked in telephone calls, emails, newspapers and radio stations all across Colorado, having my faith questioned, and having my wife’s business picketed as part of these attacks, I spoke about Jim Dobson and his efforts and used the term ‘the anti-Christ.’ I regret having used that term. I meant to say this approach was un-Christian, meaning self serving and selfish.”

Ken Salazar