Fake Military Death Notifications

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The F.B.I. and the U.S Attorneys office have been asked to look into a situation that has put some military families in Colorado on edge.

Some families are receiving phone calls from people who are making bogus claims about the death of a loved one serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

One Denver, Colorado woman says she got a phone call about her son and an aircraft crash in Afghanistan earlier this month. Barbara Cabazos re-played the voice mail message she got about her son being involved in the crash in Afghanistan. Cabazos says her other son started making phone calls to find out what the truth was about the call she received.

Her son found out the call was a hoax. She says a sergeant that her son talked with told him about several other calls about families being notified of a possible tragedy involving the war.

Officials at Fort Carson in Colorado say there have been families of soldiers who are getting fake phone calls and even visits from people giving families a death notice that are hoaxes.

U.S. Senator Ken Salazar from Colorado has sent letters to the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorneys office asking for those agencies to investigate and prosecute whoever is responsible for these hoaxes.

Military officials say if a family is to be notified of a death of a loved one, it will be done in person by a member of the military and definitely not over the phone.