Autopsy Reports

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The El Paso County Coroner’s Office completed the autopsies of Julie Rifkin and her 12-year-old son. Mother and son were discovered shot to death yesterday at the family residence.

It was determined that Mrs. Rifkin died as a result of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Her death has been ruled a suicide. It was determined that Gabriel died as a result of a single gun shot wound to the head. Gabriel’s death has been ruled a homicide making this the 3rd homicide so far this year in Colorado Springs.

Nathan Rifkin, Mrs. Rifkin’s 13 year old son was also located inside of the residence the apparent victim of a gun shot wound. He was transported to Memorial Hospital were he was pronounced dead at approximately 10:35 p.m., on Sunday evening. His autopsy will be conducted tomorrow.

All indications are that Mrs. Rifkin shot her sons as they lay sleeping in their bedrooms before turning the gun on herself. A small caliber revolver was located near her body.