Judge to Rule on Provisional Ballots

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A ruling is expected by Wednesday afternoon in a case in court in Denver. But the decision could affect the outcome of several political races across the state.

Attorneys for Democratic congressional candidate Mike Feeley asked a Denver District judge to count all the provisional ballots in the disputed Seventh Congressional District race.

The lawyers claimed Secretary of State Donetta Davidson had no uniform standards to determine who was qualified to cast the new
ballots in the three counties covered by the district.

Judge William Robbins is expected to rule in time for the three county clerks to count those disputed ballots and certify the results by the state-mandated deadline.

The results from Election Day indicated Beauprez won by 386

The lawsuit filed in the undecided race could affect tight races in other parts of the state. One such race is in El Paso County where Democrat Michael Merrifield leads Republican Dan Stuart by 75 votes for the District 18 State House seat.