Is It the Ice Cream?

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Senator Ken Salazar is accusing Focus on the Family supporters of trying to disrupt his wife's business in an attempt to intimidate him.

Salazar's office says about 30 protesters from the conservative Christian group showed up outside the Dairy Queen store owned by his wife in Westminster today.

Some protesters carried signs with pictures of fetuses or the slogan "Boycott Salazar DQ" and impeded traffic to the store.

Focus on the Family representatives haven't responded to a request for comment on whether it organized the protest.

Salazar says it's one thing to disagree with him but it's something else to target his wife's business in an attempt to intimidate him

In a statement, the Colorado Democrat says the tactics are "outrageous and un-American and simply won't work."

The lobbying arm of Focus on the Family has placed ads criticizing Salazar, a Democrat, and other Senators for holding up some of President Bush's judicial nominations.

Salazar responded last week by calling the group "unchristian" and saying the ads misrepresented his record.