CU Tenure Panel Turns to Retired Air Force General

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A retired Air Force general could be the person to lead the University of Colorado committee that's examining tenure.

Committee members chose Howell Estes III as the leader yesterday, and he'll soon be officially offered the job.

Estes is a registered Republican who runs a consulting firm in Colorado Springs. He retired from the Air Force in 1998 after 33 years.

Estes says he'll consider the job, but isn't commenting further. If Estes agrees to lead the tenure review, he'll complete the eleven-member committee.

The review is part of the fallout surrounding Ward Churchill, a tenured ethnic studies professor who has been criticized for an essay in which he compared some World Trade Center victims to an architect of the Holocaust.

Churchill is under a C.U. investigation amid allegations of academic fraud. He was granted tenure in 1991 without going through the typical six-year probationary period.