Leonid Meteor Shower

That's when scientists say the Leonid meteor shower will give
its brightest display this century.
The annual meteor shower usually delivers only a few visible
meteors. But hundreds per hour might be visible as they burn up in
the atmosphere this time.
The peak time for North American viewing is expected to be at
about 5:30 a-m, Eastern.
Even though the moonlight will wash out the dimmest meteors,
astronomers say viewers in good locations will be able to see a few
meteors or more every minute.
They say the next Leonid storm even close to this magnitude will
be in 2099.
Each November, the Earth's orbit takes it through the trail of
dust particles left by a comet. Most of the particles are smaller
than a grain of rice but enter the atmosphere at 45 miles per
second, burning up from friction.