Leonid Meteor Shower Tuesday

A nearly full moon may blot out light from this year's Leonid meteor shower, but scientists still predict a dazzling show.

The annual Leonid meteor shower usually delivers only a few visible meteors. But this Tuesday there could be thousands each hour, the largest such shower expected until the end of the century.

Scientists predict Tuesday's shower will be visible from Western Africa to the Eastern United States. The peak viewing in Colorado will be at around 3:30 a-m, assuming there are clear skies.

The meteors are dust particles shed by Comet Tempel-Tuttle, which swings around the sun once every 33 years.

The shower occurs each November, when the Earth's orbit takes it through the trail left by the comet.

The Colorado Springs Astronomical Society is inviting the public to its Leonids observing event Monday from 6 p-m to midnight at Prebles Ranch.