Thinking Inside the Big Box

It looks like a Wal-Mart super center could finally be coming to Woodland Park.

City council members voted in favor of adding a Super Wal-Mart inside city limits. They met late into the night and finally came to a decision.

Much of the meeting put Wal-Mart representatives in the hot seat, answering council's questions on topics like economic impact and traffic issues.

The seven-member panel finally passed the Wal-Mart application; 5 in favor, 2 against.

Mayor Gary Cramer says it's one of the biggest decisions the city's ever made.

"It's an emotional issue. Any time the emotions run this high on a decision such as this, you're going to find yourself on the hot seat."

"Wal-Mart is happy with the decision because after all the hours of investigation and focus on the issue, the right decision was made," said Wal-Mart representative Mike Ciletti.

A citizens' opposition group plans to petition a reversal of the city council's decision