Some Upset One School District Didn't Close

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Students all over Southern Colorado were back in class Tuesday morning after most of them stayed home Monday. Every school district in the Colorado Springs metro area was closed, except for one.

Widefield district 3 Superintendent Dr. Mark Hatchell decided the roads were safe enough for staff and students to go to school. Some teachers disagree. Many had a hard time getting to work, if they made it at all.

One teacher, who did not want to be identified, writes, “Widefield school district number 3's Superintendent Dr. Mark Hatchell felt compelled to put his employees at risk and conduct business as usual.”

She says many teachers live north of D3, and had a scary drive to work.

Superintendent Hatchell says, "While the response to having school yesterday was overwhelmingly positive we do know there were challenges for staff to get up North... and a number of them couldn't get down... we certainly understand that."

The superintendent says teachers who didn't make it in took a sick day.