War Concerns

Donald Rumsfeld
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Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insists that any war in Iraq wouldn't turn into World War Three.

Rumsfeld says he doesn't know if it would last five days, five weeks or five months. But he adds it wouldn't be any longer than that.

He also insists any U.S. attack on Iraq would “do the job'' and do it fast.

He's quick to rhetorically ask: “Can you be certain? No. Should you be prepared for the worst? Yes.''

In a town hall broadcast on Infinity radio stations, Rumsfeld avoided saying how many casualties he would expect. But Rumsfeld says any U.S. action would be ``respectful of human life on all sides.''

Also, Rumsfeld acknowledges that any attack might provoke retaliatory action from Iraq.

He says the U.S. is “prepared and concerned'' about possible Iraqi terror attacks. That includes Iraq's possible use of chemical and biological weapons.