Lotto Winner Heads to Jail

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The youngest lottery winner in Colorado history will be spending most of his time in jail, at least for the next year.

Kevin Sutton, 27, was sentenced Tuesday to a year of jail work release after being convicting of third-degree assault for shooting a man in the face.

A jury acquitted Sutton on other charges, including attempted second-degree murder.

Sutton shot 40 year old Cristobal Lopez on June 26 during a party at his home in Longmont. Sutton said the shooting was self defense.

Sutton won three million dollars in 1997.

Prosecutor Bruce Langer told the judge Sutton immersed himself in a culture of drugs, guns and alcohol instead of doing something good after winning three million dollars in 1997.

Langer had asked the judge to sentence Sutton to two years in prison.