Local Reaction

A black bunting hangs at St. Mary's Cathedral, mourning the loss of the Holy Father.

Inside, the church is packed. Standing-room only. Pope John Paul the Second's picture graces the room. Denise Gutierrez's hands are clutched, praying... honoring a man she admired from afar. The same for Brian Slamkowski.

"It's a sad day. But it's a day to rejoice also. He has gone home, gone back to where he belongs."

"He stood for so much... world peace. Everything is good about the man."

A quiet and solemn mood fills the cathedral. But Bishop Michael Sheridan, head of the Diocese, says there's also a feeling of joy.

"When it comes to anyone we love, there's sadness. But also a sense of thanksgiving, gratitude to God for great gift of Pope to church."

And outside, the church bells ring loudly amidst a quiet peace.