Getting Ready For Another Bear Season

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It's getting to be that time again: Colorado Springs has already had three bear sightings and experts say it's only going to increase.

11 News talked with experts who told us this about the time they normally start seeing bear activity in and around our neighborhoods, especially on the west side of the Springs and Teller County.

The Colorado Division Of Parks and Wildlife is once again gearing up for the wild animals coming into our backyards and neighborhoods.

"This is about the time where they’re [bears] going to start becoming more active, coming out of their dens and being more visible," wildlife officer Aaron Flohrs said.

Chris Curran lives in a home near Rockrimmon. Last summer his family had a close call with a bear.

"The fence was gone, this section was down. A bear had gotten in, tore down the fence, and got into the trash,” Curran said.

Curran said because of the almost encounter, he'll be much more vigilant about what he puts in his trash, and when cleaning his barbeque grill.

"Make sure that when I grill that juicy steak and I enjoy that, that the bear doesn’t think he’s invited to come and enjoy it too, so I’ll be sure to do that,” Curran said.

Flohrs told 11 News prevention is the best and biggest key to eliminating contact between bears and people. He added that we should never for any reason feed the animals.

"That’s just a bad idea and just a recipe for trouble," Flohrs said.

It is illegal to feed any wildlife. If you're ever caught, you could face a fine of up to $1,000.

Last year the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife said they set a new record, taking more than 1,000 calls about bears.

They also said that if we don't see more moisture in our weather, we could be facing a food drought for the animals in the fall much like last year when bear activity was very high.